Cologne: Explore Beautiful Cathedrals To Rhine River Cruises Here

Cologne city in Germany is known to be a cathedral city that has ancient roots in the country. Located by the banks of the river Rhine, this particular city in western Germany is also a modern cultural and commercial center of the country. There are as many as 12 great churches here of the Roman era and influence. However, if you have limited time in hand, here are some principal attractions to visit in the city.


  • Old Town Cologne


There is a distinct part of the old city kept preserved as the Old Town of Cologne. Here you can explore the different historic museums and churches, including Great St Martin which is an important historic building. This area is also home to several cafes, restaurants, galleries and boutique shops that are a pleasure for tourists for explore.



This towering landmark of the city is located by Rhine River. Not only will you enjoy scenic views by the riverside but also enjoy exploring the Gothic architecture of this age old cathedral, well preserved and maintained as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Ludwig and Wallraf – Richartz museums


These two famous museums in Cologne are a must visit for all tourists. Art lovers would be overwhelming to find the galleries and architectural structures in both the museums as well as the famous paintings housed here.


  • River cruises by Rhine


This city has several sites that are best viewed by taking a sightseeing cruise by the Rhine River. There are one hour cruises by the day as well as river evening cruises, dinner cruises and other options to take to enjoy landscape views of the city at different times of the day or night.


  • National Documentation Center


This is the center where the Nazi regime is well documented and is also a memorial site. There is a research center here as well as interactive museum, including prison cells in the basement where actual prisoners were held.

Manchester, England is the City to Explore

Manchester is one of the most popular places in England. The city that acquired worldwide fame for its football team has many sports and recreational facilities that attract millions of tourists from all over the world. Besides historical sites, museums, and gardens, the place also has lots of entertainment venues for its visitors.



Built in the year 1877, the Manchester Town Hall is one of the most popular architectural landmarks in the city. Almost 90% of the tourists visiting the city halt on this spot to admire the majestic structure that illustrates the beauty of its Victorian Gothic architecture.


  • Manchester Central Library: An educational tour destination


Established in the year 1934, Manchester Central Library is one of the most historic institutions in the city.  The library has a collection of over 1 million books belonging to different ages. The huge building is also an arena for hosting different types of events and exhibitions.


  • Manchester Jewish Museum: An exciting historical tour


The Manchester Jewish Museum is one of the rarest museums dedicated to the history and evolution of the Jewish community. The exhibits include different types of ancient texts, rare photographs, and artifacts related to Jewish history.


  • Manchester Cathedral: An architectural monument of timeless beauty


A visit to Manchester Cathedral can definitely prove enlightening. The church is considered as an important monument that speaks about the city’s religious history. Its stunning architectural layout and beautiful interiors draw many tourists to this place.


  • Fletcher Moss Park and Botanical Gardens: A relaxing sightseeing tour


The place is an amazing recreational destination for family tourists. The botanical garden features a collection of rare flowering plants, orchids, and trees.  You can also enjoy riverside picnicking or a rejuvenating walk through the lush green foliage. The place offers several recreational facilities for the tourists.