Guanajuato: Indulge In The Wonderful Attractions

For me, Guanajuato is the most picturesque place in Mexico. I found beauty in the brightly colored building, the lovely squares, and plazas. As a matter of fact, the temperature is just perfect. There are a plethora of things that you can do when you are in Guanajuato. This is a must-visit destination when you are in Mexico. I loved it and cannot wait to return. Here is a guide to some of the awesome things that you can do when you are here.

  • Wander around the colorful lanes

No doubt, it is a well-designed city that has many squares and plazas. You will come across many lanes leading from the squares waiting to be explored. The brightly colored building is a treat for the eyes. In case you get lost, simply wander downhill and you will come towards the center of the town. Taking a walk to explore things is one of the best things that I did here.

  • Visit Mummy Museum

Want to do something unique, visit a museum that is filled with mummies. A story that goes around here is that in order to accommodate the new bodies, people were dug out of the cemetery. Another story goes that a perpetual tax was levied and the ones who couldn’t afford ultimately dug up a grave and moved. Irrespective of the story, what had been discovered were mummified bodies. Due to limestone and clay, the bodies had turned into mummies. There are more than hundred mummified bodies.

  • Go on a food tour

Are you a foodie and want to try out some different food?  There are sample foods while you walk around the city. You will find authentic sopes, gorditas, and Tomales. After you had your coffee and the delicious snake, do not miss out on the homemade ice-cream.