Colmar, France: A City Of Historic Towns And Streets

Colmar is one of the most popular cities in France that still preserves the essence of centuries-old settlements. The place has several architectural landmarks like mansions and religious sites built during the medieval era. There are many colorful towns and streets in Colmar that preserve the building structures and monuments of the bygone times.


  • Old Town: A trip to the medieval city


The area of the city that houses most of the medieval streets and building structures is popularly known as the Old Town. The area has a well-preserved collection of old houses, mansions, monuments, and beautiful shops. Tourists often spend several hours admiring the rare sight of centuries-old lanes and buildings.


  • Musee Unterlinden: The most-visited museum in Colmar


If you are an art enthusiast, you should definitely visit this historic art museum. Even though the museum was opened in 1849, the building structure was originally a 13th-century convent. The place is known for its vast collection of historic and prehistoric relics and artworks.


  • Little Venice: Experience the beauty of Italy in Colmar


Little Venice is a small area of the town located on either side of the Lauch River canals. The place is well conserved and features an array of old homes and mansions. The old French streets and colorful display of flowers and foliage make the trip an unforgettable experience.



The 14th-century mansion is a symbol of medieval architecture that had contributed to the glory of this magnificent city. Thousands of tourist halt at this place to enjoy the stunning frescoes that adorn the walls of this historic mansion.


  • Eglise St-Martin: The oldest church in the city


The 13th century Catholic Church is a great place to visit if you appreciate Gothic architecture. The well-preserved interiors are decorated with beautiful stained glass windows. The place is quite big and casts a fascinatingly old ambiance.