Places To See And Explore In Charleston

Charleston is known to be one of the oldest cities of the country, but it is also the largest city of South Carolina. Located in Charleston County by the coastline of the state, it is close to the inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, at the confluence point of the Cooper and Ashley rivers. Founded as Charles Town in 1670, it was a town formed in honor of King Charles II of England. The colonial history and culture is predominant here, even now and that is what makes the culture and life distinct in this city.

For those visiting the city of Charleston for the first time, they will realize that this city has a rich history and has beautiful landmarks and relics in the architecture of centuries back that make it distinct. There are relics of the Civil War that can be seen in its waterfront areas or the Fort Sumter that is a must visit for all newcomers. The city not only has beautiful architecture but also the friendly people and food that are wonderful to explore.

Among the popular places to see and explore here is the waterfront park. It is a popular park that has fountains and walkways and is popular with tourists and locals alike.

You can also head to the Magnolia plantation and gardens that not only has lush grounds to discover and walk about in but also houses a zoo of considerable size with a variety of animals and bird species.

To check out the distinct architecture of the local houses here, you need to visit Rainbow Row. Here you will find iconic Georgian row houses that have been restored and maintained even now.

Patriots Point is a popular tourist destination that is a military museum here with Navy ships and WWII aircraft carriers on display along with old jets and other interesting war replicas.

Boone Hall is an interesting visit which showcases the farmlands that characterize this part of the country. It is a working plantation that has been here since 1681 and still has the original slave cabins and moss draped avenues and historic structures.